[PARPORT] Re: id_probe

Tim Waugh (tim@cyberelk.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:28:24 +0100 (GMT)

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Stefan Ellerbrock wrote:

> Rebuilding and compiling was successfull, but id_probe still only
> reports port numbers.

id_probe will say the same thing irrespective of parport, as it uses

> Loading ppa.o though still gives me Device or resource busy errors when
> paprport_pc.o was loaded with parameters ie. io=0x378 irq=5
> Loading parport_pc.o WITHOUT any parameters, and then ppa.o, does NOT
> return Device or resource busy errors but just "ppa: parport reports no
> devices".

The "no devices" condition is the same as having no entries under
/proc/parport: it means that parport_pc didn't find anything. Did
parport_pc without parameters generate a "device/resource busy" message?

> I would appreciate a small primer on your patch system, I can for
> instance not apply patch-2.2.6-tmw6.gz over a system which was
> previously patched with patch-2.2.5-tmw5.gz ie progressive patching.

I don't have patches between tmw(n) and tmw(n+1); each patch is against a
clean kernel. patch-x.y.z-tmwn is against clean x.y.z (and is the (n)th
tmw patch against x.y.z).

Similarly, patch-2.2.7-ctr is against clean 2.2.7. If it had been
against, say 2.2.6-tmw7, I would have called it patch-2.2.6-tmw7-ctr. I
made a standalone soft CTR patch against clean 2.2.7 because it will
eventually need to merge in with 2.2.x, as it (hopefully) fixes a bug.

The soft CTR code is now in patch-2.2.7-tmw1 as well, incidentally.

> Each time I have to use a new source tree, maybe I am doing something
> wrong ? I use gzip -cd patch-2.2.6-tmw6.gz to patch a kernel that was
> previously patched with patch-2.2.5-tmw5.gz
> Is this correct ?

You have to patch against a clean source tree, and there's no way to get
from 2.2.5-tmw5 to 2.2.6-tmw6 without first backing out patch-2.2.5-tmw5.
The -R option to patch might help, although in my experience it can't
always succeed.


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