RE: [PARPORT] Shuttle EPAT not mounting?

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Fri, 30 Apr 1999 11:08:39 +0200

FWIW, I have a Shuttle EPAT which I formatted under DOS and it works fine.
(When I recently needed to reformat it, I used the HDPREP tool from DOS
rather than fdisk, mainly to avoid those messages about how many cylinders
the disk has - I'm sure formatting from Linux would have worked OK.) I put
a DOS primary partition on there (hda1) and an extended partition. Then I
went to Linux and used mkfs to put an ext2 fs in the extended partition.

To check if the drive is working, try something like
  dd if=/dev/pda of=/tmp/xx bs=512 count=1

This reads the MBR of the disk. If you can't read that, you have a more
fundamental problem.

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> Subject: [PARPORT] Shuttle EPAT not mounting?
> Everything seems to go good,
> insmod paride (ok)
> insmod epat (ok)
> insmod pd (ok)
> All loads, see's the drive and it's partions
> When I try to mount pda1, says can't find any vaild msdos partions.
> I use this drive on many diff computers.
> Is it posible the utils that came with the shuttle drive formated it
> differently somehow? Do I need to reformat under paride/Linux?
> Just looking for a starting point, seems like an easy one.
> redhat 5.2 / 2.0.36
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