[PARPORT] CDI/VCD creation problems, a parport issue?

Zach Pardos (security@solarweb.com)
Mon, 03 May 1999 07:08:54 -0600

    Although unlikely, it's worth asking; I have been trying to
succesfully make a cdi track with cdrecord using the -cdi option. 4!!
costers later, and no dice. I've come to the revelation that perhaps
unix has no tool which can turn an mpg into the appropriate green book
iso track image accepted by cdrecord. I've tried two methods, cdrecord
speed=1 dev=0,0 -cdi some.mpg and mkisofs /tmp/some.mpg|cdrecord speed=1
dev=0,0 -cdi -. Nither method has worked, so my question is, 1. (a
reach) Is there some twaking to the parport config, perhaps different
arguments to insmod pg. and 2. if not, how should I go about making a
cdi from an mpeg, and are there tools out there to do it? Suggestions
ICQ 4824402

Zach Pardos
Solarweb Development

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