Re: [PARPORT] Re: patch-2.2.7-tmw3 and IEEE1284 modes

Thomas Sailer (
Fri, 07 May 1999 14:00:53 +0200

Philip Blundell wrote:

> Why is this? I think it's going to be awkward to ensure that no code assumes

Basically because transactions are queued to the HC and then
one sleeps until they complete. Basically the same is true
for ECP ISA DMA, while I think there is some hackish special
case in the tmw3 patch, it's quite ugly if you cannot sleep.

> the low-level functions are safe to call from interrupt context. For stuff
> like PLIP and PPA it's pretty much obligatory.

PPA probably won't be much fun anyway over such an USB cable,
but PLIP probably should have its own thread.
(there are more direct USB to SCSI solutions :-))


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