[PARPORT] parport scanners and the 90c26 adapter

Michele Bini (mibin@tin.it)
Fri, 7 May 1999 19:37:17 +0000

On Wed, Dec 16, 1998 at 10:34:08AM -0500, grant@torque.net wrote:
> > Some guys from SANE development, just pointed to your group...
> > I'm looking for driver to use ParPort scanner (Microtek V600 in my case)
> >
> > Is somebody is working on this ?
> The short answer is yes, it is being worked on.

Who is working on it?

I'd like to work on the code produced so far,
even if it is still at an experimental stage.

I received a Phantom 336CX scanner as a present
from a friend, and it seems to have a 90c26
parallel-scsi adapter in it.

Using the paride on26 module i'm currently able to
turn off and on the led on it, and the driver seems
to be able to talk to the chip at first, but after
a few seconds it timeouts giving
        on26: Device reset failed (ff,ff)

Thank you for your attention.


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