[PARPORT] Re: [OT] util-linux-2.9p

Andrea Arcangeli (andrea@e-mind.com)
Fri, 7 May 1999 21:33:13 +0200 (CEST)

On Fri, 7 May 1999, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

>suggested it some years ago based on the fact that I (yes, *I*) was
>maintaining it). It only bothers me that Andrea took it over in the

Excuse me but I never NEVER seen you on linux-parport in one year of
lp developing.

So I updated the thing myself because nobody was doing that, that's the
only reason. If I remeber correctly is been Tim to suggest to update
tunelp (Tim correct me if I am wrong). Probably talking about tunelp on
linux-parport (or privately I can't remeber), it become implicit to me
that there wasn't a maintainer. This is the only reason I didn't contacted
you before updating it.

I neither could find the official tunelp ftp site and I _had_ to ask on
linux-kernel if somebody with tunelp sources could send them to me
privately by email so I could update the obsolete package.

>most impolite way possible -- doing so without contacting the
>original author, and telling the original author where to go when
>contacted about that impolite behavior.

I don't remeber and I really don't think to have said you to go away. This
because I instead would be happy if you would merge my tunelp in your tree
and continue to be the maintainer in the future. But if you'll agree to
continue to maintain tunelp, I suggest you to stay tuned on linux-parport
with Tim and Philip and me.

Also knowing you are the maintainer will help to avoid future mistakes ;).

Finally excuse me if I have not asked you before releasing my tunelp but
as just said in my mind there was written that tunelp wasn't maintained.

Andrea Arcangeli

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