[PARPORT] KingByte 9520 SCSI help

Joe Hartley (jh@brainiac.com)
Wed, 19 May 1999 17:05:05 -0400 (EDT)

I've been charged with getting a laptop owned by a local observatory
( http://www.frostydrew.org ) loaded with software that will display
starmaps and control telescopes. I'm almost there, but have run into a
problem: to add some modules to this laptop, which is running a 2.0.33
Linux kernel, I need to get a CD running off the parallel port.

The hardware I have to work with is a KingByte parallel-SCSI adapter based
on KingByte's 9520 chip. If anyone's got a clue to spare on how to get this
running, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I've also got a Xircom PE3 pocket ethernet adapter; if that worked I'd be
able to access the CD via NFS on my Sun, but as far as I can tell, that's
a lost cause thanks to Xircom's pigheadedness.

I did find a pointer to a PE3 module, but it was uncompiled, and the whole
reason I'm trying to access the CD is to add gcc!

The installation was done by copying the /col tree to a DOS partition,
but running lisa to add packages fails, likely due to DOS's 8.3 filename
limitation. As a last resort, a tip on getting this to work would get me
in the right direction.


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