Re: [PARPORT] Pb with ppa? Iomega? parport?

Alain Serpette (
Thu, 20 May 1999 09:00:57 +0200

Le Mon, 17 May 1999, vous avez écrit :
> On Mon, 17 May 1999, Alain Serpette wrote:
> > There was an user here who had the same error message, but the error
> > came from his sound card which was sharing the same interrupt request
> > as the // port. I verified the /proc/interrupts which interrupt
> > request number 7 was not in conflicting use. I also removed the sound
> > modules, but the ppa didn't work better.
> You could try just not using interrupts from the parallel port at all
> (append="parport=0x378" without an irq number ought to do it).
> Tim.
> */
Ok, I tried that, but no effect, the message is always the same...

I also compiled the 2.2.7 kernel, and the message is the same too.

I suppose that I have omitted some funfamental option in the xconfig menu.....
because the 2.0.36 kernel that I use and which is ok with the ppa was a
pre-compiled one.

What is absolutely necessary to configure in this menu in order to
efficiently use the parport and ppa modules?

For the moment, I have answered

Y to the parallel port
Y to PC_Style option
M to parport_probe (that in fact I don't use for now)
M to the parallel printer port
M to ppa(older drives)
N to imm
N to ppa(16bits)
M to what is relative to the sound (I've an AWE 64 soundblaster card)

When I tape insmod ppa from the beginning of my session, I get the famous
message (unable to read partition table) ;the difference with a no-inserted
disk is the message "disk capacity failed" in this last case.

in /proc/parport, I've the directory 0 ; In this directory I've devices which
is ppa,
hardware which represents the adress of the port (0x378), the irq (none or 7
depending if there is a parport declaration into lilo), and an other
parameter which is none.

lp is allright.


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