Re: [PARPORT] LP does not load parport_pc

Tim Waugh (
Thu, 27 May 1999 08:30:08 +0100 (GMT)

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Andy Tomlin wrote:

> What you recommend is exactly what I originally had in the file (I do
> indeed only have one port). The problem still exists with that
> configuration. I made the change during the problem investigation (
> based on info in the parport.txt file). I just did not change it back
> before posting, sorry for the confusion.

What happens if you leave the options off, i.e. 'insmod parport_pc'? What
does 'dmesg | tail' say after that?

In 2.2.9 there are some changes that may help with your problem: one of
the detection routines is improved, and certain types of port are handled
better. In addition, if the port isn't detected but the user specified
that it really exists, we believe them, but printk some warnings about
why we don't think there's a port there.


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