Re: [PARPORT] parport merge

David Campbell (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 07:13:02 +0800

Date sent: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:27:12 +0100 (GMT)
From: Tim Waugh <>
Subject: [PARPORT] parport merge

> Hi guys,

> After this gets merged (hopefully in a couple of weeks), I'll look at
> fixing up ppuser. Incidentally, if anyone can think of a better name for
> that, _please_ let me know!

How about:
a) ppsock Parallel Port Socket
b) ppdev Parallel Port Device
c) ppapi Parallel Port API (nnooo!!! not another anacronym^2)
d) plug(*) Parllel port Linux User Gadget

David Campbell

(*) Shameless attempt to get some recognition for my local Linux user
group (Perth Linux User Group).
"This is not an office, rather Hell with fluorescent lighting"

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