[PARPORT] Setting up a second parallel port

Dries van Oosten (D.vanOosten@phys.uu.nl)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 16:33:39 +0200 (MET DST)

I'm trying to build some hardware that allows me to control parts of the
outside world (lights, radios, etc.) from my computer. To do this, I have
hooked a few leds between the data pins of a parallel port connector and
the ground. Being a careful person, I purchased a parallel port card to
test is, in order to avoid frying my motherboard by shortcircuiting the
onboard par port for instance. I cannot get the card to work however and
to be quite honest, the onboard card also doesn't react to my setup
attempts. How exactly do I go about setting up a parallel port in linux.

I tried it by insmod-ing parport and parport_pc with various io_ranges and
irq's as options, but when I cat /proc/ioports, there is no parallel port
there. What do I do wrong.

Here some info about my system:
motherboard: SE440BX-2 (Seatle)
cpu: pii 350
linux distribution:RH6.0
kernel version: 2.2.9

The parallel port card is a jumperless isa card manifactured by tornado.

Help would be appreciated 'cause I'm running out of options here.


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