Re: [PARPORT] OnSpec 90c26 parallel to IDE adapter

Holger Thon (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 17:07:06 +0200 wrote:
> I am a neophyte trying to load debian on a generic laptop via
> floppies and an OnSpec 90c26 parallel to IDE adapter. I have
> gotten the base system loaded (about 5 or 6 times!) and cannot
> figure out how to get the system to recognize the external CD rom.
> Remember that I'm a beginner to debian and my background has
> been in the point and click world of microstuff.
> any help would be appreciated.

Does your attempt fail from scratch or do you already have the
base-system on your harddisk? I'd recommend to try the following, though
i'm not that familar with installing debian from parallel-port cdroms.

I guess you have made a boot disk and a disk-set (base) from which you
can install debian (using rawrite on dos or dd on linux). Boot using the
bootdisk and start installation from your disk-set as normal.

When the last disk is finished, there comes a step "Integrating Device
drivers into Base package" or something like that. There you can choose
additional kernel modules to load. For your configuration, you have to
load "paride" first, then "on26" and at least pcd. I think all those
modules can be found in the misc tree, but i may be wrong.

After having loaded the last module, your cdrom must be accessible. Try
mkdir /cdrom
mount /dev/pcd /cdrom
ls -a /cdrom

to verify. (Alt-F2, Enter and then the commands). If you see more than
the . and .. entries, you succeeded. Switch back to dinstall (Alt-F1).
Now you should load any additional drivers (network, pcmcia etc) and
configure lilo. Create a boot disk and finally reboot. Choose to boot
linux on the lilo prompt. Then your system should boot linux. Watch the
screenoutput if your cdrom has been detected.

You are being asked a few questions and finally can make preselections
for installation. After this you may add additional packages using
dselect. This is how to go: Configure source (multicd). Put the
following CD into your drive:
1 for a 1-CD set
2 for a 2-CD set
2 for a 4-CD set
5 or 2 for a 5-CD set

Press enter until you come back to the dselect main screen (maybe you
have to enter none if a Package file isn't found). Update packages info,
make your selections and start installation. Follow the instructions on
the screen.

You have to shut your system down using shutdown -h now.

Finally read the docs to become more familar with linux and enjoy it.


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