Re: [PARPORT] First DAY..!!!
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 07:45:35 -0400 (EDT)

> sigh....the only bad part is WAAAAAAAAAAYYY over my head...
> I was up to just compiling the old epst.c...and epst.h files...then

It's no longer so easy to do it that way. Besides, you really should
learn how to use patch :-)

> But this beta driver thing asks me to patch the kernel it took me all
> weekend just to compile correctly...

If you have a 2.2.9 kernel in /usr/src/linux, the patch is little more

        cd /usr/src
        patch -p0 < ppSCSI-0.90.patch

        cd linux

        make config
                don't change any of your previous answers, except
                make sure that you have included scsi support,
                scsi disk support, pp scsi support, and epst as modules.

        make dep; make modules

        and finally do whatever you have to do to put the modules where
        you want them

Once you have the modules in the right place.

        insmod scsi_mod
        insmod sd_mod
        insmod ppscsi
        insmod epst

Your SyJet should show up as /dev/sda ...

> I do finally have paride and parport in the kernel...and epat...don't
> suppose there is a way I can get them to work with the SyJet?

No. PARIDE is for IDE/ATAPI devices. EPAT and EPST are different devices.

Grant R. Guenther

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