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Danie in Oregon (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 10:49:52 -0700 wrote:

> > sigh....the only bad part is WAAAAAAAAAAYYY over my head...
> > I was up to just compiling the old epst.c...and epst.h files...then
> It's no longer so easy to do it that way. Besides, you really should
> learn how to use patch :-)
> > But this beta driver thing asks me to patch the kernel it took me all
> > weekend just to compile correctly...
> If you have a 2.2.9 kernel in /usr/src/linux, the patch is little more
> than:
> cd /usr/src
> patch -p0 < ppSCSI-0.90.patch
> cd linux
> make config
> don't change any of your previous answers, except
> make sure that you have included scsi support,
> scsi disk support, pp scsi support, and epst as modules.
> make dep; make modules
> and finally do whatever you have to do to put the modules where
> you want them
> Once you have the modules in the right place.
> insmod scsi_mod
> insmod sd_mod
> insmod ppscsi
> insmod epst
> Your SyJet should show up as /dev/sda ...
> > I do finally have paride and parport in the kernel...and epat...don't
> > suppose there is a way I can get them to work with the SyJet?
> No. PARIDE is for IDE/ATAPI devices. EPAT and EPST are different devices.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Grant R. Guenther
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------



I was up all night and did remarkably well on my own...I did get all my
patches up to 2.2.9...
installed...and I did check as modules....the epst......etc.stuff..

I actually did get a total compile...but it kept choking on NFS...

When I began looking in some of the directories...I began to see rej....and
orig.....etc...all the
different looked a mess.........sigh

So this morning I reinstall the 2.2.5-15 source tree and have decided to try
it by doing
exactly as you said...I'll download the 2.2.9 source tree...then do exactly as
you said...

I actually did get it going last night .......sort of.....but I was only doing

insmod ppscsi
and insmod epst

but I couldn't mount it because I wasn't doing insmod scsi and insmod

I'll let everyone know how its going...this is exiting to me I'm HAVING to
learn so much..
and this Syquest thing is the LAST on my list...

I got the Intellimouse wheel...scrolling...
WITH the wacom stylus....simultaneously...
I got the linear raid going...
I got the new 2.2.5.....kernel installed and running with my own
compile....(thank you thank you)

After this...project I'm going to go for the gold...and get my
SCSI Envisions {UMAX} scanner...going.....supposedly thie 2.2.5 kernel has
support the the
UDS-IS-11 scsi card that is ACUTALLY a DTC-3181.......(Domex-DTCTECK)

That would be great......also..

Thanks again....I'm anxious to start working....

Daniel In Oregon

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