Re: [PARPORT] DEC Alpha troubles again (2.2.5, SyQuest ezflyer)

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> > BTW, I have the vendor ID and device codes for the Intek21 card, since
> > Multia's firmware will give you these for every PCI device in the
> > Would that be useful somehow?
> I'm sure Tim would like that data ...

For the Intek21 parallel card, it reports:
Vendor: 14db
Device: 2120
revision: 0

This is a single-port parallel card that appears to be OEM'ed from SIIG, so
I bet that that's SIIG's vendor code.

> > I bought the Intek21 card before I figured out that the Intek21/SIIG
> > seem to be proprietary.
> It seems that my information is out of date - the SIIG cards are ECP
> You'll need to get the card to behave like an EPP port before loading the
> PARIDE drivers.
> By the way, I have a Tiger Direct catalogue. They list the Lava card as
> number L64-1000 for USD $39.99.

Hmmm, the Intek21 box says it can do SPP, BPP, ECP or EPP modes, but of
course that's under Windoze. :-) It's too bad they don't have NT/Alpha
drivers for this card. I might be able to get away with booting NT,
initializing the card to my liking, soft-reseting and booting Linux. A
time-honored trick that still works well! :)

So is it possible to apply the parport patches from your ftp site to my
2.2.5 kernel sources? Or am I dreaming? :)
Maybe it's just best to get the Lava card, which doesn't require anything
funky to initialize itself, right?


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