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Jim Conner (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 11:44:35 -0400

Noted! :) Thank you for the advice. I apppreciate the help that everyone
was willing to provide!


At 11:23 02.07.99 -0400, you wrote:
>> After some more studying on the Shark drive (I got it second hand for free)
>> I have come to a realization that this thing needs a power supply :). I
>> was told it didn't (my disclaimer to idiocy). I will let you guys know if
>> I have any other issues once I get a PS for this drive.
>The Shark came with a pair of parasite taps for the keyboard cable (one
>DIN style and one PS/2). But beware: I have a couple of other cables
>that are physically _identical_ to the Shark cable, except that the polarity
>is wrong. I burned a hole in a motherboard once by mixing up the cables.
>Relevance ? If you go get an off-the-shelf 5v power supply, be very careful
>to check the polarity before powering the drive with it.
>Grant R. Guenther

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