[PARPORT] parport and Quick cam get a "Device Busy"

Autran, Yves (yautran@nbase-xyplex.com)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 14:17:01 -0400

Hello everybody,
I believe the question had been answered long ago (mid march 1999) but I did
not find answers in the mailing archives.

My problem is this :
Using Linux 2.2.5-15
Installed parport
Installed parport_pc with option io=378 irq=7 Dma=3
Installed parport_probe that probed a qcam on port lpt1
The BIOS setup for lpt1 is:
Lpt1 is configured for doing ecp dma 3 ir 7 and io 0x378.

Installed videodev.o

And when I try to install c-qcam I get a "devise Busy" message.
I removed lp0,plip modules to be sure no devices was using parport.
Lsmod command does not show any device using parport.

Is there anybody who can give me the method?

Many thanks


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