[PARPORT] no lp devices found / insmod pcd

Luc Krembel (lkrembel@epo.nl)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:08:18 +0100

dear all,

I've currently a problem when trying to use my laptop
(ECP or EPP parallel port) together with
a freecom IQ traveller cd, and a printer.

Depending on the options that I use to compile my kernel
I'm able to use either the CD or the printer, but not both.

1st case : CD works.
I compiled kernel 2.2.1, with parallel port, printer support
as loadable modules, parport, paride, pcd drivers as loadable modules.

I can : insmod parport ; insmod paride; insmod friq ; insmod pcd
and I get the cd to work, but
when i "insmod lp" for the printer, dmesg says "lp loaded but no devices
and I'm unable to send anything to /dev/lp0.

2nd case : printer works :
I changed in the compile options of kernel, parallel port support as
part of the kernel.

now I can load successfuly the lp driver, and print, but when I try to
insmod pcd,
it hangs for a while and dmesg says that "autoprobe failed, no cd-drive

Currently I can switch between different kernel config. by booting
differently, but
it's not a nice solution ! Any idea ?

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