Re: [PARPORT] Compact Flash/Shuttle
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 08:33:15 -0400 (EDT)

> I just got the connectivity kit for a Kodak DC265 digital camera
> including a pcmcia adapter for a compact flash that "just works" and
> a parallel port version.
> I opened up the parallel port version and inside there was a single
> ship thats says "Shuttle". So I tried:
> I also tried setting the parallel port as ECP as suggested by someone else
> on this list (from the archive).

Bizarre. This is _never_ the right answer for any PARIDE related problem.
ECP is not supported.

> The light on the adapter is on, and does blink when I try to insmod pd or
> pf.
> Any other suggestions? Is a special high level driver necessary for Compact
> flash's? Or is it just an IDE disk? I tried ATAPI as well...

It is just an IDE (ATA) disk, but there seems to be some special magic that
is required.

Unfortunately, I'm not keeping up with all the tasks on my list now, so
I haven't considered picking up the CF and SSFDC readers as a new project.

I did work with someone last year to get a specific shuttle based SSFDC
reader working, but the hacks didn't fit well into PARIDE, so I have never
followed up on it.

The first requirement to work on this is that you have a _DOS_ (not windows)
driver for the gizmo. Then you have to be able to persuade the DOS
driver to work under DOSemu.

Grant R. Guenther

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