[PARPORT] Bug Coorection and Help

Gilles Noyer (G.Noyer@lectra.com)
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 17:31:44 +0200


  I am newer on the list.
  I have compiled patch-2.2.10-ppdev4 on a kernel 2.2.10, and i seen a
bug a close
  time, the system crash at close time.
  The correction is to add the following line :

  static int pp_release (struct inode * inode, struct file * file)
    unsigned int minor = MINOR (inode->i_rdev);
    struct pp_struct *pp = file->private_data;
  kfree (pp);

 return 0;

  I have a problem so, I configure the ECP mode, I succed to write
characters, but the read
  is bad, if I have 4 charcacters to read for example "titi", I read 4
"i" ie "iiii".
  Have you seem a similar problem.
  Thanks a lot.
Gilles Noyer.

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