Re: [PARPORT] Parport and Colorado 14GBe/HP DeskJet

Ian Soboroff (
22 Sep 1999 08:22:42 -0400 writes:

> > I have a HP DeskJet 722C hooked up to a Colorado 14GBe tape drive hooked to
> > the parallel port on the PC. I can talk to the tape drive just fine but not
> > the printer. I have epat compiled into the kernel, not as a module. How
> > can I use both?
> There've been a few reports about device chaining not working with the
> epat driver recently. It is supposed to work, but perhaps something
> has broken. Does anyone know if this is a general problem, or is it
> specific to certain combinations ???

just to give a data point, i have no problems chaining through EPAT.
my setup is kernel 2.2.10, an hp 5GBe, and a 100MB zip drive chained
through the tape drive.

should i check this with 2.2.{11,12,13pre*}? which kernel versions
are folks specifically having problems with?

Ian Soboroff                             
University of MD Baltimore County

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