Re: [PARPORT] Trying to print on a HP OfficeJet T45

Iain McClatchie (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 12:40:10 -0700

Ghostscript's uniprint driver, with the cdj550c setup, generates bytes
that, when sent to the HP OfficeJet T45, produce reasonably nice-looking
output. Text looks great. Color looks okay.

I used the apsfilter package to get lpd to use this ghostscript driver,
not that that has any relevance on this mailing list.

Iain> But after the printer ejects the page, it beeps and asks to be
Iain> reconnected to the computer.

Tim> How odd. Well, we're only speaking 'compatibility mode' to the
Tim> printer, which is just a stream of bytes. I wonder why it thinks
Tim> it's been disconnected..

Tim> Perhaps it's trying to tell us something, and failing. Do you have
Tim> IEEE 1284 'status readback' enabled? You could try something like:

I think so:

[[iain@zippy linux]$ grep CONFIG_PNP_PARPORT .config


# echo -ne 'hello, world!\014' > /dev/lp0
# cat /dev/lp0

...and the printer beeps and complains as usual. Hmpf. Well, it
basically prints whenever the print job finishes, which could be
construed as a feature for now. :-)

Any other ideas on the disconnect?

Are there mailing lists for ghostscript driver developers?

While you're at it, do you know where I could get layout-to-postscript
converters, either for either Magic (.mag) or GDSII? :-)

Tim> How does the T45 differ from other officejets?

FAX, full color for all modes, no PC required for FAX or copying,
faster than the older all-in-ones, cheaper than the T65.


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