[PARPORT] parport: Printer ignores data (fwd)

Philip Blundell (Philip.Blundell@pobox.com)
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 20:05:34 +0100

Can anybody help this guy? I have no clue about this stuff unfortunately.



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Subject: parport: Printer ignores data
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Dear Phil,

I have experienced the following problem:

parport is linked into the kernel (static). Whenever the printer is
switched on, parport=B4s autodetect will find out about the printer durin=
the next boot. Leaving it online, parport will never detect it again
(using IEEE1284) during system boots. Only switching the printer off and
on again provides help. However, I also can=B4t print anything with the
printer being online. lpq shows information like "...printing..." but the
job seems to go to nowhere. The printer does not notice the data. If I
switch the printer off and print into the queue, all queued jobs get
printed when I switch the printer on again. After finishing the last job
from the queue it will not notice any more jobs. They all get sent but th=
printer does not seem to "see" them.

Additional information:

Tried with SPP, SPP/EPP, ECP/EPP/DMA 3, ECP/DMA 3 settings from BIOS.
Printer is a Lexmark Optra R+ PS device (supports IEEE 1284 and ECP)
Behaviour is the same for 2.2.5, 2.2.10, 2.2.12 kernels.
RedHat 6.0 with all needed updates is installed on the system.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

- --=20
Best regards, Jens

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