[PARPORT] Which dist. for I-Zip/BP Inst?

Aaron Cohen (acohen36@mindspring.com)
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 08:09:43 -0400

Anybody out there have a suggestion (from experience) of which Linux
distribution would be best for an old-laptop parport install? The
laptop has only 340MB disk space, 8MB which is dedicated to a minimal
DOS partition (will convert to type 82 swapfile after Linux installed,
no XFree86 plans on this). Laptop has no internal CD-ROM drive, yes
1.44MB floppy drive, and a standard (not ECP/EPP) parallel-port drive.
I have an Iomega parport 100MB Zip Drive, a MicroSolutions Backpack 4X
external CD-ROM drive, Red Hat 6.0 distribution CD, and SlackWare 4.0
distribution CD. From the RH 6.0 CD, I created a bootdisk through
RAWRITE and was able to format the laptop harddrive through fdisk as
321MB Linux Native type 83 and 8MB Linux Swapfile type 82.

Again, which distribution (RH 6.0 vs. SW 4.0) would probably work best
for this parport install and which device would work best for this
(100MB I-Zip drive or Backpack external 4X CD-ROM)?


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