Re: [PARPORT] parport: Printer ignores data (fwd)

Jens Huenerberg (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:36:17 +0200 (CEST)

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Tim Waugh wrote:

> > on again provides help. However, I also can=B4t print anything with the
> > printer being online. lpq shows information like "...printing..." but the
> > job seems to go to nowhere. The printer does not notice the data. If I
> Can you ever get anything to print, or is it just sometimes that it fails?

The printer does its work only immediately after being switched on.
In any other case printing fails.

> Also, have you ever managed to get this particular printer model to work
> with Linux?

I did. The old driver (up to 2.0.35 from which I switched to 2.2.5) was

> Something useful to try is to make sure that you're not overriding the
> default I/O, IRQ and DMA settings with wrong values:

Hm, how should I? In this case, the printer would not do anything I
expect. Besides that, I use default settings with a static kernel.
No command line options change the behaviour. If I set IEEE 1284 autoprobe
off, parport detects the correct irq (7). Anyway, nothing changes. It's
just the same as with autodetection and irq setting to none (using

> # # start with no modules loaded
> # insmod parport
> # insmod parport_pc
> # insmod lp
> # # now try printing something

Works (tried a 2.2.12 modular). Detects irq and tells me to use procfs for
interrupt driven operations. I just did an "lpr" and it worked.
Ok, first step mastered. Then, I added the autoprobe module:

insmod parport_probe

correct printer information had been gathered and were stated in messages
and available via /proc
After an

rmmod parport_probe

and a printer restart, printing worked just fine again. But, again, an

insmod parport_probe

prevented the printer from any work.

Back to my (regarding parport) static kernel. Should I switch off
autodetection and that's it? Is there a problem in it?

Best regards, Jens

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