Re: [PARPORT] Is it possible to use a freeport (=Freecom) CD-Star under Linux?

Jörg Schöpel (
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 13:46:12 +0100

Am Tue, 23 Nov 1999 schrieben Sie:
> > > Is it possible to use a freeport CD-Star under Linux?
> > >
> > > Freeport Comware later became Freecom. The driver is found at
> > > the Freecom-homepage under classic. My notebook is a Thinkpad 755C and linux
> > > woks fine on it.
> > is my question to stupid or has no one time to help me? :-)
> >
> > Please help me.
> I'm sorry that I haven't responded earlier - but you aren't alone. Other
> pressures have kept me completely away from Linux work for the last couple
> of months - and there's no end in sight.
> Have you tried initialising the driver under DOS and then doing a warm
> boot into Linux before attempting to load the frpw driver ? That driver
> requires the Xilinx truth table to be loaded into the device before the
> driver can talk to it. There were several different model-specific
> firmware images for the early models.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Grant R. Guenther
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Dear Grant,

I'm very happy for your answer, and I did not want to sound unfriendly.

I am able to use the CDROM under Dos and Win95 with the same Driver. The Image
is for the CD-Star.

I usualy boot my Linux with Loadlin but I tried it also with my
bootdisk after warm reboot and initializing the driver with dos. I've loaded the
driver into the uppermemory and tried it without.

What is the Xilinx truth table, do I have to know more about it. Sometimes my
IBM Thinkpad 755c is different from the standard. Can I do some more settings?

Thank You very much

Jörg Schöpel

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