[PARPORT] HP5100C anyone?

Bruno Barberi Gnecco (brunobg@br.homeshopping.com.br)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:41:02 -0200

        Has anyone been able to use a HP5100C scanner?
        I patched my kernel (after a little hack, because I'm using 2.2.13 and
the last file was not patched), recompiled it and the modules, installed the
modules. Following the ppSCSI page, I insmoded these modules: scsi_mod, sg,
ppscsi and epst. The last one take a while to load, but do not output anything
(in fact, none of them do), but, as it is only loaded if the scanner is
connected, it seems that the problem is not here..
        When I try a scanimage -d hp:/dev/sg0, it returns:

scanimage: open of device hp:/dev/sg0 failed: Invalid argument

and the same for any /dev/sg?. In fact, SANE's find-scanner utility doesn't
find anything.
        As 5100C is connected in the parallel port, I tried scanimage -d
hp:/dev/lp0; then scanimage just freezes, and must be kill -9ed. xscanimage
also freezes.
        What may be the problem? lp module is always loaded, and if I try a
rmmod lp it seems to be automatically loaded when I run scanimage, and now
used by (autoclean). killing lpd doesn't help. As it's impossible to rmmod
lp while scanimage is running, it's probably trying to use it. Anyway, I'm
not sure which parameter to pass to scanimage, although /dev/lp0 seems the
most logical.
        Thanks a lot,

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