[PARPORT] paride boot disks for Red Hat Linux 6.1 available

Bill Nottingham (notting@redhat.com)
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 11:08:13 -0500

Boot/driver disks for installing Red Hat Linux 6.1 using
PARIDE CD-ROM devices are available at:


These are boot images for Red Hat Linux 6.1 for installing
from PARIDE devices (Backpack CD-ROM drives and the like), and
also for installing from devices using the Iomega PPA scsi adapter.

Warning: due to lack of hardware, these have undergone minimal testing,
and should be considered UNSUPPORTED install images.

How to use:

Create disks from both these images, using rawrite, cat, dd, etc.
Then, boot with the paride-boot.img. On the syslinux command line,
enter 'linux dd'.

When prompted for the driver disk, insert the disk made from
the paride-dd.img. You should then be able to choose
the "IOMEGA PPA3/Parallel ZIP" scsi adapter, or "Parallel-port IDE CDROM"
under 'Other CD-ROM' types.

Support for installing to paride media, using the pd or pf modules,
is NOT included.

Please direct all questions about these images to
linux-parport@torque.net, or me personally (notting@redhat.com).


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