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A bit of a late reaction.

On 14-Jan-00 Jeffrey J. Jenkins wrote:
> I am running RH6.1 (2.2.12).
> The printer was functioning before installing the sg, ppscsi, and onspec
> modules as the (limited) instructions seemed to indicate I was supposed to
> do. (What does sg do?)

It's for generic scsi support, you need it if a scsi-device is used, e.g.
scanner, cdrom.
> The scanner is functioning now (with SANE). However, the printer is no
> longer responding. Running lpq, I see "waiting for lp to become ready
> (offline ?)" before the normal job list.
> I don't know much about the parallel/scsi interface and didn't see
> anything in the archive or various help files that I've found online about
> parallel devices under Linux. From what I understand the parport mod
> should allow sharing of a parallel port. This was already loaded when I
> checked with lsmod. Could parport_probe (which is also loaded) be causing
> the problem?
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> Jeffrey J. Jenkins -- (c) copyright 2000

I have got the same problem.
I found a solution, but it's not an elegant one.

The things I do are these;
- I turn off my scanner before booting, so no power.
- I turn on my printer before booting.
- In my bootfile /etc/rc.d/boot.local I have set the command 'modprobe lp'. when
booting the computer it automatically loads the modules.
I don't think it is necessary to give the command 'lpc up all'.
It now functions again. At least yesterday-evening and this morning, I tested
I'm using SuSE LiNUX 6.1, and the file /etc/rc.d/boot.local is the file for
adding this command, I don't know about Redhat.

I can also use my scanner, at least this morning I could.
I gave the command to rmmod the pintermodules lp, parport_pc and parport.
I turned on my scanner.
I gave the command to insmod ppscsi and onscsi.

I do not know what makes my printer work again, maybe it's just one of the
three things, I should test it.

I'm using:
kernel 2.2.7
ppscsi and onscsi modules
Microtek Pagewiz scanner using the OnSpec 90c26 chip
sane 1.0.1
Microtek(1) backend version 0.10
Printer HP Deskjet 420
apsfilter (filter cdjcolor)

What are you using? It might be interesting to know.

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