[PARPORT] UMAX/Shuttle ASICs? Reverse Engineering? I like it.

Javier Omar Villavicencio (paya_ateneo@yahoo.com)
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 03:50:27 -0500

Hello, all people of this mailing-list. I will comment you my story: I
get recently a Genius Scanner (ColorPage Life-Pro) in my work. I work
with a reseller, I test and reapair some pieces of hardware every day.
This scanner, was send back because it scan in pink... :+) yes no other
color, only pink and black. Afther a few months... I take it to my
home... open it, after looking him a couple, then I close it... After
that, I tested it ... and ... It works fine! :+) Well this was the
story, now: The problem:

  The problem is: I want to use them under Linux :+), searching, and
super-searching for something, I learn two things: UMAX do not give any
spec for their ASICs, and the CCD of the genius scanner (a LM9811CCV) is
very well coded under the Primax Scanner project... And i have no idea
about what's doing the another ASIC from Shuttle (a EP1284-01, jeh, just
like IEEE-....) in that scanner

  I try to reverse it, but my only experience is cracking serial numbers
and keycodes, nothing about hardware. I have dissasembled the "most
used" files when I scan under Windows, but every file has a string about
the file named KYESCAN.DLL ... I don't found it in my computer, I don't
found it in the .z InstallShield files, I don't found it under my bed...
And, I don't found any routine in these programs (or DLLs too) that
calls to the Parport, or make a in/out to it!...

  Pleas help me with the data you got (to all reversers of the ASICs I
mentioned there), and (if you wish) the file you are reversing (to look
a bit). I have looking alot about device driver programming (only
because this little problem, and this @!%$# scanner :+) and look a macro
in SoftICE to do something like a dump of the data transmitted to the
parport, tell me if it is wrong, (they don't work for me):

  macro dumpit ="db C004A000 L6020 ; ed C004A000 C004A010 ; f
C004A000 L6000 00 ; x"
  bpm x vpm2xd+19f8 if *(C004A000)>=C0050000 do "dumpit"
  bpm x vpm2xd+1837 if *(C004A000)>=C0050000 do "dumpit"

  Other things to tell you... Ah!, please tell me if exist (and the
model) a UMAX scanner that have these chips inside:

  Shuttle EP1284-01 (I think this is another thing of ASIC)
  UMAX 135065-01 (The main ASIC)
  LM9811CCV (The CCD used in the Primax scanners too)

  Well, without any thing more, I send a goodbye.

Javier Omar Villavicencio.
Avellaneda - ARGENTINA.

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