Re: [PARPORT] Prob: parport0: FIFO is stuck, timed out

Norbert Preining (
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 00:58:35 +0100

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Tim Waugh wrote:
> > DMA write timed out
> > parport0: FIFO is stuck
> The 'FIFO is stuck' message is also harmless really. I don't think it
> should make a difference to the printing speed. This is the same as the
> 'Timed out' message (see later). All it means is that the printer is
> still busy after some amount of time (5 seconds, by default).
> You could try recompiling parport.o with a different value for timeout
> (linux/drivers/parport/share.c:354) -- 10 * HZ, for instance. Does that
> make things better?

Now I only get DMA write timeout
For more or less very empty pages the come out very fast, for full
pages there is a delay of about 3-4 seconds from one page to the next.
Is this because the printer needs the time or because some empty buufers?

To say it in other words. Is the timeout between pages existent
because the printer needs as long to build up the page or is
it dependen on the low-level-driver of linux (or, in connection wit
the first possibility, with a `bad' or `slow' implementation of
the ghostscript driver output)?

> I think the only configuration you missed out was non-ECP IRQ-driven.

I will look for it ;-)


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