Re: [PARPORT] Backpack Slack

Dave Smith (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 02:40:22 -0800

Peter Keller wrote:

> Howdy all-
> I hope someone can give me a hand. I'm trying to set up Slackware 7.0.
> I have a Backpack CD-ROM Model 165550 and have not been able to get linux
> to recognize it in order to do the setup. I'm using the pportide.i image
> for a boot disk, and color.gz for root. I've partitioned the drive, but
> haven't been able to get any further than that.
> I've read about folks using 'modprobe garblewarblefashes' to get things to
> happen, but since nothing has been installed yet I can't do that, can I?
> Or can I?
> Obviously, I need help. What am I doing wrong?

check your bios to see what irq your modem is on and see if irq 7 is open
for you, that is the one your cd uses..


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