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From: Jonas Linde (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 15:59:41 EST

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    And spoke unto the world. And said:
    > ...
    > First, I configured my printer with the printtool utility. Then when I
    > type, lpr, the computer believes that it's printing, so lpq shows me
    > that the job is running and then finished:

    > ...

    It sounds to me like the printer is misconfigured; i.e. the file you
    print is actually sent to the printer but probably in a format that it
    cannot understand. Does your printer support plain text printing? If so
    try sending a testfile directly to the printer device file. If that
    works you need to figure out the proper driver for your printer model...

    > Also, by installing and uninstalling some software, I've lost the lpstat
    > command. How to get it back?

    lpstat is IIRC part of the SysV group of printing tools, whereas you
    have BSD-style printing. `lpc stat` should be about the same.

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