[PARPORT] SI-390A parallel to ide problems

From: Tim Coninx (tim.coninx@cs.kuleuven.ac.be)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 04:17:28 EST

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    To make room in my computer, I got myself a SI-390A ide to parallel
    interface to place my cdrom on.

    paride installs perfectly
    protocol epat (wich is used in the SI-390A) installs perfectly
    pcd detects my cdrom perfectly

    Mounting the cdrom and listing its contents also succeeds.

    However, when I try to execute anything on the cdrom, view images, or
    anything that isn't a plain text file, everything hangs, and always with
    a different scenario:
    - The first time it was like random code was being executed on a
    processor. It gave a register dump and froze
    - The second time a shellscript wich spawns a tcl/tk script halfway
    crashed, leaving damaged libraries all over. Not only tcl/tk, but also
    for example a kdm library.
    - The third time the computer froze when inspecting the contents of the
    cdrom using kfm (the K file manager). I suspect this is because kfm
    tries to recognise file types by inspecting all the files.

    Ok, about my computer.

    Dual P III with 128MB memory
    Debian 2.2 (potato)
    Kernel 2.3.41 (with paride, epat and pcd as modules)
    Parallel port set in bios on EPP
    Standard ATAPI CDRom connected to a SI-390A parallel -> ide interface
    'Behind' the cdrom, a Brother HL-6 is connected to the same parallel

    Thanks for giving it a look.

    Tim Coninx -*- KULeuven Department of Computer Science

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