Re: [PARPORT] Clean IEEE1284 termination

From: Greg Nelson (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 10:10:23 EST

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    Tim wrote (regarding the application's need to manage the process of
    returning to forward idle and then compatibility mode when closing the

    > Yes, it does. (But perhaps the kernel ought to do it anyway if the
    > application forgets.)

    Or (as I just found out the hard way) if the process is killed one way
    or another. In this case, the kernel handles the close, but not the
    restoration of the port to a sensible mode. Some signals can be
    handled by the software to do this, but others can't.

    I'm working with a piece of hardware that gets stuck permanently in
    reverse idle (must be power cycled to reset) unless it's returned at
    least to forward idle (preferably compatibility mode) before closing.
    If the application doesn't get a chance to do this, then the next time
    it runs, it can't renegotiate ECP mode and fix things.


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