Re: [PARPORT] Saying goodbye ... :-(

From: Karl-Max Wagner (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 14:07:11 EST

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    > When, back in 1995, I started work on the original PPA driver, I had
    > a lot of 'slack time' in my professional life. Since last summer, however,

    Well, you actually made it into the ranks of the Linux legends.
    Thank you for your truly groundbreaking work.

    > me to do more Linux related work, but it is now clear that this is not
    > going to happen.

    Hmmm. How about approaching VA Linux, RedHat, SuSE etc. and ask
    them for employment to be able to continue your work full time ?
    It makes no sense to me that your capabilities get used up in
    some less important work. Seems to me much better if you
    continue your parport work fulltime......

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