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From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 17:31:06 EST

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    On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Ramiro Amaya wrote:

    > linux did not recognize it, so I added this line "alias
    > parport_lowlevel" in /etc/modules.conf. I got this message after
    > typing dmesg:

    I suspect you mean that you added 'alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc' to
    /etc/conf.modules, if you have Red Hat Linux 6.1, right? Anyway, you see
    to have parport_pc loaded here:

    > parport0: pc-style at 0x378 [spp]
    > parport0: printer, Hewlet-packard deskjet 720c
    > lp0: using parport (polling)
    > But I did "cat .cshrc > /dev/lp0" and did not do anything.

    Did it act like it had sent the data to the printer with the printer just
    not doing anything, or did it just sit there like it was waiting for the
    printer to come on-line?

    Some printers just don't print ASCII text, and only do graphics. Take a
    look at nenscript or mpage if you have a printer like that.

    > The second problem is related with my Zip Drive. It is IOMega 100MB
    > connected the the parallel port. I have the printer also connected to
    > this port. So I woul like to be able to unplug the printer when I do
    > not need it and plug the zip. I really do not have what I have to do
    > to make my zip works. can somebody help me? Thanks

    Why not just plug the Zip drive into the computer and the printer into the
    Zip drive, and leave it like that?

    To get the Zip drive going, do 'modprobe ppa imm' -- the device will show
    up as /dev/sda4 most likely. Then just mount it.


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