Re: [PARPORT] new epat

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 17:16:28 EST

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    On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Russell A. Bell wrote:

    > If not, I will undertake to fix it. I have looked at the DOS
    > epatls.sys and, likely, I can figure out how to make it work. But I
    > have never written a linux device driver before. And I will try to
    > write in assembly language (as that kind of guy). I appreciate all
    > advice.

    Here's mine:

    Please don't write it in assembly language.

    Try to find public specifications for the protocol rather than reverse
    engineering an existing implementation; if you end up doing reverse
    engineering, be sure to check that it's legal in your country.

    Read up on linux device drivers -- there are some good resources out there
    now (books you can buy and documents on the web).


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