[PARPORT] Re: New queueing code

From: Erik Inge Bolsų (knan@mo.himolde.no)
Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 09:32:23 EST

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    On Sat, 1 Apr 2000, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    >Are you 200% sure it broke starting from 2.3.43? (so that it was working
    >on 2.3.42?).

    I've only tested 2.3.40 (worked) and 2.3.45 upwards (dies).

    >But I bet the usual problem is that paride can't handle merged requests
    >(if that's the case it got broken while dropping the big switch from 2.3.x
    >make_request in 2.3.4_1_). Probably it would be safer to add a bitflag and
    >to enable merging only in the blockdevices that was included into the big
    >switch in 2.2.x (or that are been fixed in the 2.3.x cycle).
    >I'll have a look at paride to see if the problem is the merged request

    It very well may be. I think the debug message's context was something to
    that effect.

    (From my original posting, March 7.)
    Did a little more experimenting with EPAT + PD in kernel 2.3.49pre1 today.
    A log message I got, without taking the computer down with it this time:

    Mar 7 20:03:16 frankenstein kernel: pda: OUCH: b_reqnext != NULL
    Mar 7 20:03:17 frankenstein last message repeated 46 times

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