Re: [PARPORT] base address?

From: zhu qun ying (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 20:57:39 EDT

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    > When you are implementing a port driver (like parport_pc), you can put
    > anything you find useful there. Your driver should be the only thing
    > that tries to interpret it.
    > Tim.

    I understand most of the parts, but only stuck at base address. I don't know
    what to choose. I am currently using 0x378, but somehow it corrupted my boot
    loader at that address. leave my board unbootable. As in Strong ARM, there is
    no parallel port at all, I am using its general purpose IO pins to simulate
    the behavior. And Accessing those PINs are through registers, I am not sure
    what are the requirement for the base address. It seems I cannot choose

    I attached my implementation files for your advice.

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