[PARPORT] PPA driver crashes system when loaded

From: Dr. Peter Cherriman (pjc@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 10:45:08 EDT

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    I have just upgraded my old 486 computer to a K6-II-500Mhz. However I haven't
    been able to get the parallel port on the new machine to work with linux, I
    can read and write zip-disks under dos on the new machine however.

    Under linux 2.0.33 and v1.42 of the ppa driver (which worked on 486), the
    module loading stalls while trying to reset the scsi bus, which never returns,
    requiring a shutdown/reboot.

    Under linux 2.2.14 the system autoloads the parport and parport_pc modules,
    when I load the ppa module, the system crashes with a "Ieee...in interupt
    handler", and scrolls all the ppa output of the screen before I can blink. The
    system needs to reset with the reset button.

    Under linux 2.3.99pre8, when I load the ppa module it says found parallel
    port, with EPP but only used the PS2 mode (bios set to SPP), it then says one
    scsi device found, however /proc/scsi/scsi doesn't show any scsi devices and
    loading the scsi disk module (sd_mod) does not do anything, but then
    attempting to unload the sd_mod module locks the computer.

    Do any of these problems seem familiar?

    I think the IO chip is made my ITE (www.iteusa.com) but I haven't got the chip
    number to hand.

    Anyone else had similar problems or found a fix?

    Also is there a newer ppa driver than 2.03 which is found in the latest
    kernel, I looked on the torque.net web site, but most of the links to tar
    files on the page are broken.

    Many Thanks.

    Peter Cherriman       

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