Re: [PARPORT] vmware, EPP, ECP, ZIP drive, printer port

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 04:51:06 EDT

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    On Mon, May 22, 2000 at 10:09:47PM -0700, IgoR wrote:

    > BIOS ECP mode:
    > [root@tina parport]# ./ecp ZIP drive NOT attached and NOT powered
    > ECR: ff
    > DCR: e4
    > DATA: 55
    > DATA: aa
    > DCR: e4
    > DATA: 55
    > DATA: aa

    Hmm. For the record, it looks like this for me:

    [root@meme c]# ./ecp
    ECR: 35 <-- properly functioning ECR
    DCR: 0c <-- data drivers on
    DATA: 55 <-- current data value
    DATA: aa <-- current data value
    DCR: 2c <-- data drivers off
    DATA: ff <-- no peripheral, high impedance
    DATA: ff <-- no peripheral, high impedance

    'ECR: ff' is looking like you've not got ECP, and the 'DCR: e4' after
    that is saying that you can't turn off the data drivers
    (i.e. unidirectional).

    I don't quite understand how parport_pc could be fooled into thinking
    that this really is an ECP port, and I don't understand why it _isn't_
    an ECP port when the BIOS says it should be. :-(

    Your parallel port _is_ at 0x378, isn't it? If not, can you change
    'base' in ecp.c and try again?


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