[PARPORT] schedule_timeout?

From: jjore@imation.com
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 11:10:03 EDT

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    I've been playing with epat.c in order to support the c7/8 chips in
    addition to the c2-6 that it currently supports. At present I'm able to get
    the 2x SuperDisk drive to turn over but it's still not completely
    initialized. I'm curious about one thing. With a few combinations of CPP
    packets I'm getting an error on insmod pf verbose=2.

    schedule_timeout: wrong timeout value c4d58000 from c682f850

    Any ideas?

    Standard disclaimer: I don't speak for my employer

    using the code:

    #define CPP(x) w2(4);\

    static void epat_connect ( PIA *pi )

    { pi->saved_r0 = r0();
            pi->saved_r2 = r2();
           w0(0); w2(1); w2(4);
            w0(3); w2(1); w2(4);
            w0(0); w2(1); w2(4);


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