Re: [PARPORT] schedule_timeout?

Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 12:47:06 EDT

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    It's 2.2.13-7mdk. This is from the 6.1 Mandrake distribution. I don't know
    if they've changed any source or just used a stock kernel and *called* it
    -7mdk. Anyhoo ... I've since been able to grok what the commercial driver
    is doing to initialize the epat c8 chip and I've modified epat.c to match.
    Unfortunately while the drive turns over pf.o still doesn't see the drive.
    I've just started following the driver into some ATA IO which may be some
    initialization for the ATAPI device. Any ideas on where to look for
    information on ATA programming? I'm using a 2x SuperDisk drive so it's an
    ARMD device ... there's some old Phoenix/Compaq docs on the ARMD spec I'm
    still trying to find but I've never seen any docs (besides the linux kernel
    source) on how to speak to an ATAPI device.

    So... any ideas on the next question?
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    > Any ideas?

    What kernel version?


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