[PARPORT] Parallel Microtek ScanMaker E3 Plus !!!!

From: Jose Dalio Gomez F. (tabjd@sigmanet.hn)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 20:27:57 EDT

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    Hello !!! I need help to setting up my parallel
    microtek scanner.
    I am posting this mail from Honduras Central America.
    I not speak english very well, I can speak spanish.
    I not have experience using this linux-parport service, I not sure if
    I are addressing correctly this mail.
    I am a new Linux Red Hat 6.1 user.
    Before I join to Linux user community I already had a intel mmx
    pentium, 64 mb ram, 233 mhz, 8gb hard disk and others.
    I have a Parallel Scanner Microtek model no. MRS600EX3P, ScanMaker E3
    PLUS, not scsi scanner, I can not setting up and using the Scanner.
    I already read some howto's and visited some web sites ... and I
    already downloaded Sane driver, but I can not find a driver o program
    to step by step instructions setting up my scanner, like Alsa driver,
    that I used to setting up my sound card, step by step.
    The information I already found not is writed in a logic secuence, not
    step by step instructions.
    I not believe, I can't think all Linux user must be driver writer?
    Please help me to locate the right tool to setup my scanner, if there
    Thank you,
    God bless you.
    Jose Dalio Gomez F.

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