[PARPORT] tape backup with dd

From: Christian Eriksson (c-eriks@algonet.se)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 20:22:03 EDT

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    I've failed in restoring a diskdump (dd) backup. I'm running Red Hat 6.0
    (kernel 2.2.5-15) on Intel and I have a HP Colorado 14GBe tape drive
    attached to the paralell port. I'm loading the PARIDE subsystem as
    modules (insmod parport;insmod paride;insmod epat;insmod pt). What I've
    done is the following:

    First I wanted to backup my primary slave drive. I did

    # dd if=/dev/hdb of=/dev/pt0
    2504880+0 records in
    2504880+0 records out

    Sometime later (at another linux session) I wanted to do a restore to
    the same primary slave drive. I did

    # dd if=/dev/pt0 of=/dev/hdb
    0+0 records in
    0+0 records out

    Why doesn't dd read anything from tape? I'm a newbie in this field and
    would be most grateful for any help in troubleshooting this. I know the
    pt driver doesn't implement the 'mt -f /dev/pt0 status' command that I
    would otherwise have liked to use here. What other tools are there
    available to check if there is actually something on the tape?

    /Christian Eriksson

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