RE: [PARPORT] Parallel ZIP drive problem.

From: Peter Roach (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 11:15:32 EDT

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    I agree, Tim.

    The Lava port + Zip works fine in Windoze, but only if you configure it for
    a conventional parallel port address. However, I believe that this is
    probably a constraint set by Iomega's Zip driver, rather than anything to do
    with the Lava card. I assume that ppa does not have this constraint, as
    parport/parport_pc has already resolved the address. Anyway, I do not know
    how I would reconfigure the Lava port address in Linux, as Lava only
    supplies Win95/98/NT drivers that do this.

    I have just discovered that there are problems with the Lava PCI port and a
    HP Deskjet 812C - if I try to print, Linux siezes solid - no cursor
    movement, no keyboard response. However, the old HP Laserjet IIP still works
    fine with Lava. Suspect therefore that this is also a timing problem, as I
    believe there is bi-directional communication going on with the Deskjet
    812C. Also, as ppa is not involved here, this might point to parport as
    being the place to resolve it.

    Is anyone having similar problems with other brands of PCI-based parallel


    > -----Original Message-----
    Tim Waugh wrote...
    > On Sat, Jul 01, 2000 at 04:59:02PM -0400, E. Charters wrote:
    > > They don't work in windows either on a lava port as I recall.
    > Really? I'd be surprised.
    > I think there is probably a timing problem with the Zip drive driver:
    > this would show up on PCI parallel port cards because they are so much
    > quicker than on-board cards (PCI latency instead of ISA latency).
    > I suspect that there are at least two places in the driver where this
    > problem shows up: one where the udelay patch goes, and one somewhere
    > else. There are quite possibly several places too. :-(

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