Re: [PARPORT] DataFab ImageReader trouble

From: Boaz Nash (bnash@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 00:41:44 EDT

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    Hi Maurizio,
    I have also had trouble with my DataFab CompactFlash Image Reader.
    For one thing, I'm not sure whether it is slightly broken, because when I
    attempt to use it with Win98 it is recognised only sporadically. I mess
    around with the connection and then sometimes it is recognised and I can
    use it. (Actually I fried my mother board while trying to get it to be
    recognised by Win98).
    But on occasion it worked with Win98, then I attempted to get it to work
    with Linux (Redhat 6.2).
    I load the modules in this sequence:
    parport, paride, epat, pd.
    If it is connected correctly and there's a disk in it, pd will load,
    otherwise it says "device not ready" or something like that.
    Then I try to mount it and it won't work. I think that my disks are
    formatted with the FAT file system. I tried to play around with
    recompiling the kernel with support for this, but was unsuccessful.
    Perhaps mtools could work. You just setup mtools.conf to make one of your
    drives be the DataFab.
    This is somewhat academic for me, since I can no longer get pd to load,
    and I'm afraid of destroying another motherboard. Maybe sometime I'll try
    it again.
    I suppose its possible pd won't load because some kind of message needs to
    be sent to the DataFab to set it in the right mode or something (the light
    is on, and I can use the passthrough for my printer).
    Its been very frustrating.
    I'd be curious to know if you can get yours to work.
    Or if anyone out there has any ideas about the curious behaviour or mine,
    I'd appreciate hearing them.
    As perhaps you can tell I'm new to playing around with devices with Linux.
    Good luck!

    On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, barbaro wrote:

    > Hi everybody!
    > Does anyone have any prior experience with a device called "DataFab
    > Image Reader" connected to parallel port and used for read/write
    > CompactFlash as IDE disks? I cannot use with my Linux box (redHat 6.0)
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Maurizio
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