[PARPORT] Urgent!! Cap Video PHILIPS bt878 driver

From: kenshin (andrell@quantica.com.br)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 12:19:29 EDT

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     I am have tried to use a camera PHILIPS( DIGITAL COL CAMERA Model
    VC731957) connected a CapVideo board(Pixel View VDO BT878) in
    linux(kernel release 2.2.5-15 RedHat) but i havenīt had sucess yet.
     I have already used the drivers:


    and i followed all the instructions ( recompile the kernel, instal the
    patch i2c-patch, and the other things in the READMES and INSTALLS).

    I got install the drivers, but when i tried to use the tolls no good

    when i tried to use xcaptest(with driver bttv-v412-000321) appeared a
    screen in blank, and a continous message in the xterm:

    "Select timed out"

    after this i tryed to use other configurations .. like tuner, composite
    ... but no diferents results came.

    Is it possible this camera to work properly in linux??? and how can i do

    if you can help me .. please send me a reply ...


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