[PARPORT] AcerScan 620?

From: Carl Austin Bennett (carlb@kingston.net)
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 15:20:48 EDT

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    I'm looking for info regarding the AcerScan 620P/620PT parallel-port scanners;
    I've already tried contacting the manufacturer (support-sc@apa.acer.com) a
    couple of days ago and received no response at all.

    At the moment, PPSCSI's docs indicate status of support for this device as
    being "unknown", although www.mostang.com's SANE backend partially supports
    the SCSI version of this device, the AcerScan 620S.

    Its interface "620P main board" appears to be proprietary, based around
    a "AP2103A2" 120-pin surface-mounted flatpack chip (no manufacturer logo),
    an Atmel FPGA of some sort, an Intel 80C32 and some RAM.

    There is a Win9x EPPSCSI Miniport Driver (windows\system\iosubsys\eppscsi.mpd,
    41472 bytes) which simulates to Windows that a SCSI interface is present
    (functions ScsiPortNotification, ScsiPortLogError, ScsiPortCompleteRequest,
    ScsiPortGetLogicalUnit, ScsiPortGetDeviceBase, ScsiPortInitialize,
    ScsiPortConvertUlongToPhysicalAddress) but no protocol documentation for this.

    There are no manufacturer-supplied drivers for most other operating systems.

    The standard parport_probe modules included with the RedHat 6.x (kernel 2.2.*)
    distributions do not detect this device at all. Is there any way to obtain
    any information on this device in order to get it operational using PPSCSI?

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